Greetings to all. I wanted to place a warning message onto my blog to alert others to the audacity of others that are looking and placing adverts for Virtual Assistants.

As more and more people are getting into the Virtual World, those of us who are here welcome those that wish to become a part of our world. We all look for work in many ways and what better way, until we become known than to check out the available established resources where one can place an advert looking for a VA and those of us looking for work stumble upon those ads. There are so many available to us, that we simply do not know where to start so we jump right in and began after reading the posted information.

I did just that and wow, within an hour or less I was notified that the person who placed the advert wanted an interview with me. I thought this is great, the write up sounded really wonderful, the budget amount was fantastic, so why not see what they have to say. We connected using Skype and after some general chit chat, I began to ask questions about the advertised position and that is when the conversation got disgusting, for lack of a better description. In the initial conversation, things sounded pretty general and interesting, then all of a sudden, the conversation turned into smut.

This person was hiring a VA to handle clients for their family business. These clients supposedly were millionaires and it was to be my job as a VA to contact the clients to remind them that their payments were due and to help set up new ones virtually. Sounds good, right?, wrong I was then informed that because these were millionaires they needed to be handled differently than most by "flirting and flaunting" on the webcam video. Now to me this sounds like cyber-sex or cyber-porn and I immediately told the client, Thanks but No Thanks. Now I have no problem being a Flirt, it's natural, but when it comes to more, no way Jose.

In the end we parted ways and I told the client if he ever needed a real VA for real VA work that did not include cyber-porn to be sure and give me call. I just want everyone who reads this to understand that they have to be careful when responding to adverts. There are people out in the world who will try and exploit our profession into being something that it was never meant to be. Dealing with Cyber-sex and Cyber-porn is NOT what a Virtual Assistant does under any circumstance.

Be careful and safe and please stay professional to your profession.


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